Play Craps Tips

Millions of people play at online casinos every day. From slots and virtual scratch cards to video poker and roulette, players around the world are winning big at their favorite casino games from the comfort of their living room. One of the most popular online games is craps.

Most gambling websites give players two options to make the most of their craps session - the game software can be downloaded to the player's computer and enjoyed offline, or the player can access the game online. There are benefits to each.

Downloadable Craps Games

Downloading the casino's software to your personal computer is convenient and allows easy access to your favorite games. Players can simply launch the game interface and start playing. Of course, an internet connection is needed if you would like to place bets and access your account, but everything can be done through the gaming software and there's no need to open a web browser.

Playing Craps Online

Many people prefer playing craps directly through the casino's website. Playing online doesn't require a download of any sort and saves space on your hard drive. No download games also allow quicker access because players don't have to wait for the program to install; they can immediately start playing. Most online casinos offer a 'play for free' option, as well as the chance to place real money bets. This is an excellent feature for new craps players.

Craps Online vs. a Live Casino

Beginners can get many benefits from starting their craps experience at a reputable online casino. Not only do players have the opportunity to play for free at most online establishments, playing craps online allows them to practice basic game play and become familiar with the betting procedures in private, rather than making an embarrassing mistake in front of hundreds of strangers.

Once a player feels comfortable with the rules and betting options in the game of craps, the experience of playing at a live casino craps table can further enhance the game's thrill and excitement. There are still thousands of people who prefer relaxing at home with craps online.